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                                                          Welcome to SJV Club - SJV Club Introduction

   SJV Club was formed in October 2009 by a group of Vietnamese students, who are interested in connecting volunteers all over the world and creating an environment for volunteers to develop necessary skills
   SJV Club aims to help volunteers improve their soft skills and learn about other cultures through many interesting events and activities. In this way, SJV Club hopes volunteers can find opportunities to improve themselves, learn about the world and make friends with other international volunteers
   SJV Club is open to all Vietnamese and international volunteers who are interested in our activities
SJV Club organizes 3 main activities:
Cultural exchange, Soft-skill improvement and Support for SJ Vietnam (
    Cultural exchange:
The cultural exchange events give volunteers an opportunity to learn about other cultures around the world and particularly help to introduce Vietnamese culture to foreigners
   Soft-skill improvement:
The soft-skill improvement events help volunteers to practice their English and other soft skills such as teamwork, time management and communication skills
   Support for SJ Vietnam:
   SJV Club is currently supporting SJ Vietnam in Vietnamese class and city tours for international volunteers as well as joining many big events with SJ Vietnam such as the Sunflower Festival and the International Volunteer Day
   SJV Club is always open to you and warmly welcomes your new ideas for a better volunteer environment
Join us and experience what SJV Club really is!
                                                                          SJV Club
                                 Sharing - Joining - Volunteering - Connecting

                                                              EVENT 2

   Tết, the Lunar New Year, is coming. Have you got any plan for this special holiday? Why not joining SJV Club's first cultural exchange event? This is an opportunity to build a stronger relationship between Vietnamese and International volunteers as well as to learn more about Vietnamese culture

   SJV Club would like to invite all volunteers to join our first cultural exchange event:
                                                                            TẾT HOLIDAY

Time: 2.00 - 5.00 pm
Date: Saturday 6 February 2010
Location: Youth House - No 16, An Xá St., Tây Hồ, Hà Nội

The schedule of the event is as follows:                 
No.   Section   Time
I   Introduction   10'
II   Ice-breaking game   10'
III   Discussion
Topic: Tết Holiday   30'
IV   Preparation for Tết:
1. Game 1: Making Chưng cake
2. Game 2: Fruit guess   30'
V   Tết Holiday:
1. Game 1: Tết Holiday Q&A
2. Game 2: Sing a song   40'
VI   Ending   10'

   Please don't hesitate to take part in our event by completing the Registration Form below and sending it to before Thursday 4 February 2010
Registration Form
Name: .......................................................
Mobile: .....................................................
E- mail: .....................................................

   Due to limited space, we strongly recommend that you register for the event as soon as possible
                                                     Join us and experience what SJV Club really is!
                                                                                    SJV Club
                                                        Sharing - Joining - Volunteering - Connecting

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